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Top of the Food Chain: Cyber Hunting with Sqrrls

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Coordinated Information Sharing on Cyber Threats and Secure Data Management

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JPMorgan and Big Data Security Analytics

The NoSQL Animal Kingdom

Accumulo Summit Technical Talks and Videos

Bulk Loading in Sqrrl Pt.2: Custom Transformers for Graph Construction

Bulk Loading in Sqrrl Pt.1: The Basics

Accumulo Summit 2014 Recap

Sqrrl named to CRN's 'Big Data 100' list

Rebalancing the Security Equation

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Big Data Security Roundup

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MIT's Accumulo Performance Benchmarks

Attribute-Based Access Controls, Fine-Grained Security Controls, and Big Data

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InformationWeek Publishes 20 Page Report on Accumulo and Sqrrl

Sqrrl Enterprise = 3 Databases in 1 (Column + Document + Graph)

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Database startup sqrrl aims to set 'big data' free, for biz & society

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sqrrl and Hortonworks Partner to Boost the Security, Scalability, and Adaptability of Big Data Solutions

MapR Technologies Partners with sqrrl to provide Hadoop and Accumulo platform

451 Group: sqrrl data emerges from NSA to commercialize Accumulo NoSQL database

VentureBeat: Big data startup sqrrl helps collect and protect acorns…if acorns were petabytes of data

VentureWire: sqrrl Lands $2M to Develop NSA Data Tech

Accumulo: Why The World Needs Another NoSQL Database

Wired: NSA’s Open Source Spin-Off Lands $2 Million in Funding

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Press Release: Atlas Venture, Matrix Partners Back sqrrl to Make Big Data Secure, Scalable, and Adaptable

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TechCrunch: sqrrl Raises $2 Million For Secure, Scalable Big Data Technology Originally Developed At NSA

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Mass High Tech: "#Bigdata startup collects $2M fundraise"

sqrrl raises $2 million, relocates from D.C. to Cambridge

Big Data District Kick-Off

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