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Oct 29, 2014 8:00:00 AM

The "Pawn Storm" Campaign and Dynamic Threat Detection

By George Aquila

An advanced and widespread malware campaign dubbed “Pawn Storm” was recently profiled in a white paper by security researcher Trend Micro. The campaign has reportedly been targeting and compromising a number of high value government and private sector defense systems across the world for the past several years.

Target and Scope
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Topics: Cybersecurity, Breach Detection, APT Campaign, Malware

Oct 16, 2014 8:00:00 AM

JPMorgan and Big Data Security Analytics

By George Aquila

The Attack

On October 2nd, JPMorgan Chase revealed through an SEC filing that it had been the target of a massive cyber intrusion resulting in a significant data breach over the course of the summer months, roughly between June and August.

Although reports on the perpetrators’ identity are inconclusive, sources including the New York Times have suggested the protracted attack was carried out by a Russian cyber criminal ring, possibly with connections to the Russian government.

Rather than money, it was information on approximately 83 million customers that was stolen, taken from over 90 servers hosting the company’s data storage systems, as well as some critical information on the company’s inner computers.

The infiltrators were reportedly unable to access the data stores that hold the most sensitive customer financial data (such as account numbers, passwords, and SSNs) before the intrusion was detected and mitigated.

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Topics: Big Data Security, Cybersecurity, Breach Detection