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Feb 27, 2014 3:52:00 PM

Announcing Sqrrl Enterprise 1.3

by Joe Travaglini, Director of Product Marketing for Sqrrl

We are pleased to announce the general availability of our latest release, Sqrrl Enterprise 1.3. This release brings bug fixes, performance improvements, security enhancements, and additional functionality to our Enterprise package.

Some of the noteworthy additions include:

Data Retrieval

  • Scale improvements: Buffered results sets can now temporarily spill to disk, allowing for higher upper limits to query result sizes.
  • SqrrlQL enhancements: Additional keywords, functions, and predicates are now available in our query language.

Data Storage

  • Flexible sharding: shard counts can now be dynamically scaled for all datasets created with Sqrrl Enterprise 1.3 onward.
  • Bulk loading: JSON and CSV formatted files are supported out of the box. A public interface for implementing custom MapReduce bulk loaders is also provided.
  • New field types: DATETIME was introduced as a first-class field type. It can be specified as milliseconds since the epoch, or parsed from a variety of timestamp format patterns.

Graph Extensions

  • Breadth-first search is now included as built-in functionality.
  • Node adjacency is now available via a WHERE qualifier in SqrrlQL: ADJACENT( ).
  • Typed Edge attributes: Edges can now have a value associated with them. For example, an edge connecting two nodes representing ‘bank’ entities can have a label called ‘debt’ and a value of the outstanding debt balance between the two banks.


  • Separation of concerns between Sqrrl Server and Accumulo for access management: Accumulo is now fully responsible for managing authentication and authorization
  • Flexible security assignment: Visibility labels no longer need to be enumerated at system initialization

More in-depth information on Sqrrl Enterprise 1.3 can be found in our Release Notes and User Guide, which are available to our customers and partners. For more information about Sqrrl and Sqrrl Enterprise, check out our Contact Page or shoot us an email at info@sqrrl.com.


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