Sqrrl Blog

Sep 30, 2013 10:02:00 PM

Cloudera's Support for Apache Accumulo

Today, Cloudera formally announced a support offering for Apache Accumulo. The team here at Sqrrl is excited about this for a number of reasons:

  1. We expect that Cloudera will apply its resources to further expand the Accumulo project and increase the number of contributors to and adopters of the project.
  2. This is a validation of the unique features of Accumulo, including its cell-level security capabilities.
  3. From a Sqrrl perspective, we benefit from increased adoption of Accumulo. The unique capabilities of Sqrrl Enterprise (e.g., secondary indexing, SQL, graphs, full-text search, JSON, RBAC/ABAC, labeling engine, encryption, etc.) are layered on top of open source Accumulo. Any user of Accumulo can easily upgrade to Sqrrl Enterprise for these additional security, analytic, and ease of use features.

We expect that additional Hadoop vendors will make similar announcements in the coming weeks, and we welcome all the new players to the Accumulo family.

Topics: Accumulo, Big Data, Blog Post, Sqrrl Enterprise