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Jul 24, 2013 12:37:50 AM

InformationWeek Publishes 20 Page Report on Accumulo and Sqrrl

This week InformationWeek published an expansive 20 page report (“NSA and Big Data: What IT Can Learn”)[ on NSA’s usage of Big Data tools with a focus on Accumulo and Sqrrl. Some highlight from the report include:

"[Accumulo] is a huge advantage over conventional big data architectures since allows information with widely varying security requirements and access controls to be stored in a single system."

"Our surveys indicate that NSA and its Sqrrl progeny have identified an important need among Big Data practitioners. When we asked respondents to our InformationWeek 2013 Big Data Survey about the areas they were most concerned about, security came out on top, followed by data management and access speed. With security and access control being Accumulo’s major selling points - indeed, its raison d’etre - when paired with the system’s massive scalability, it’s clear the NSA built something with significant business value."

You can download the full report here.

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