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Jan 10, 2014 10:18:00 AM

A Sqrrl and Dell Kitenga Combined Solution

We are pleased to announce today a partnership between Sqrrl and Dell.

Sqrrl Enterprise is a secure, scalable, and flexible NoSQL database that leverages flexible schemas and cell-level security capabilities to integrate vast datasets within a single platform. The Dell Kitenga Analytics Suite provides powerful Big Data analytics capabilities, including information modeling, machine learning, natural language processing, and visualization. Together, Sqrrl and Kitenga enable organizations to securely bring all their data together, perform low latency queries, and identify hidden patterns and trends in the data.

An example data flow in a combined Sqrrl/Dell solution has Sqrrl Enterprise first ingesting and securing millions of records per second, and then indexing the data in a variety of ways to provide flexible integration with a variety of analytics. The ingested and indexed pieces of the solution then ultimately feed into the Kitenga Analytics Suite, a powerful front-end that will allow the operators and analysts to derive actionable intelligence from the vast troves of data collected. The indexing process makes this very fast, and the analytics engine provided by Sqrrl and Kitenga allow for known and unknown relationships to be visualized, drilled into, ranked, and acted upon. A combined Sqrrl/Dell solution provides extensive customer benefits in analysis, situational awareness, security, and ease of use.

Find out more by reading the Sqrrl and Dell Kitenga Data Sheet.


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