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Dec 9, 2013 8:21:00 PM

Sqrrl Enterprise Combines OLTP and OLAP Capabilities

Sqrrl Enterprise can be categorized as an operational NoSQL database. One of the unique characteristics of Sqrrl Enterprise is that it combines Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) capabilities with some Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) capabilities. Typically, OLTP and OLAP workloads need to be serviced by two different types of databases. Today, operational databases like Sqrrl Enterprise can combine some of these workloads.

In terms of OLTP capabilities, Sqrrl Enterprise can process millions of transactions per second and scale to 10s of petabytes. Sqrrl Enterprise is also designed to be as ACID compliant as possible without sacrificing horizontal scalability. For consistency and durability, we make the strongest possible guarantees: deterministic consistency and flushing to multiple non-volatile storage mechanisms before acknowledging a write. Atomicity and isolation are slightly relaxed to row-level variants. This means multiple operations across a row can be done simultaneously, and concurrent reads will either see all or none of any atomic group of operations. You can read more about Sqrrl Enterprise's transactional performance characteristics here.

In terms of OLAP capabilities, Sqrrl Enterprise excels in real-time aggregations of data at ingest time. Sqrrl uses Accumulo's Iterator functions to keep counts, dashboards, and metrics up to date as new data continuously streams into the system. You can read more about Sqrrl Enterprise's analytical capabilities here.

These combined OLTP and OLAP features enable folks to not only search and query their data in real-time, but also allows them to explore key trends in real-time.

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