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Nov 5, 2013 1:06:00 PM

Sqrrl named in CTOvision Big Data Top Enterprise Tech List

Sqrrl was named in last week’s CTOvision Big Data Top Enterprise Tech List as one of the most important enterprise technologies to accelerate your infrastructure. The list was produced by CTOvision as an aid to the enterprise CTO that is seeking information on the most capable technologies. It also serves as a companion piece to their list of the top analytical technologists on their Analyst One website.

Publisher Bob Gourley has background as an all source intelligence analyst and as an enterprise CTO, and he followed certain methodologies in coming up with this list. For the report, Gourley and CTOvision both firmly believe that the technologies must be supported by strong companies, and for this reason the list focuses mostly on companies with proven ability to serve in real enterprises. In most cases only VC backed firms such as Sqrrl were considered for the list, because they believe it is these firms come with staying power. Another methodology in coming up with this list follows the belief that it is important to only report on firms that have products that are really available now, meaning no vaporware.

The first report was created by reviewing the full list of sponsors and exhibitors at the coming Hadoop World, and then combined it with previous research to round out the initial list. The technologies in the report are the companies that they believe have the capability to make a difference for the modern analyst, and Sqrrl was one of the many companies that were included because they were able to demonstrate these capabilities at the Hadoop World conference last week in New York.

View the full CTOvision Big Data Top Enterprise Tech List.

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