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Jan 30, 2014 3:37:00 PM

Three Wire Systems: Cybersecurity Solution with Sqrrl and Dell

Sqrrl is excited to announce a reseller partnership with Three Wire Systems.

Three Wire will be working with Dell and Sqrrl to bring their combined solution to cybersecurity organizations in the Department of Defense, other federal agencies, and the private sector. By allowing organizations to securely collect and analyze data from a wide array of data sets across the enterprise, this combined solution meets growing Big Data cyber operational needs by eliminating restrictive information “silos” and increasing cyber efficiency.

3 Wire Systems SIlos

Currently, information collected from Cyber Sensors is captured and stored inside separate cyber tool data containers, or “information silos”, providing only a myopic point of view into the cyber realm across the enterprise. To more effectively make use of this information, Three Wire’s proposed Big Data for Cyber Operations solution ingests, collects, labels, and aggregates all structured, semi-structured, and unstructured content from currently in-place cyber capabilities and sensors into a single and secure multi-tenant data container, allowing cyber operators to have a unified and near real-time view over the entire enterprise.

By harnessing the newest algorithms in security, machine learning, big data analytics, and industry best practices from partners, this solution mitigates the need for cyber operators to filter through vast amounts of data. The system locates, creates and disseminates the relevant and executable information to the operators, dynamically alerting them to suspicious behaviors, abnormal operating systems, or potential known cyber threats.

This combined solution enables organizations to operate more efficiently, reduce wasteful IT spending, and increase the time that human assets are able to operate and defend the enterprise by providing them executable information more quickly from the system itself.

Find out more by reading the Three Wire Systems Data Sheet.

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