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Jan 27, 2015 7:30:00 AM

Linked Data Analysis of Trading Activity with Corvil and Sqrrl

Sqrrl is featured in a blog post by Corvil’s Fergal Toomey, covering Linked Data Analysis of Trading Activity. The full blog is featured in the link below, and it covers how Corvil and Sqrrl partnered to use Linked Data Analysis to visualize relationships in large trading datasets.

Toomey discusses how Sqrrl’s approach can be used in a typical brokerage environment to visualize performance and identify bottlenecks and suboptimal/fraudulent behaviors. He also covers how Corvil’s Streaming Analtics Platform can be used to extract data which then can be easily forwarded to analysis systems like Sqrrl via open Analytics Streams.

Read the full blog here to see the full story.

To see a recorded demo of the Sqrrl/Corvil solution, please click the button below.

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Topics: Hadoop, Cybersecurity, Corvil, Fintech, Fraud