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Apr 7, 2015 4:48:00 PM

Sqrrl Wins AFCEA Cyber Summit Shark Tank

Last week Sqrrl was one of 10 cybersecurity technology companies that competed in the Shark Tank at the AFCEA Cybersecurity Technology Summit. During this Shark Tank competition, the 10 companies provided a 3 minute pitch on their product and answered questions posed by three esteemed judges and the audience.

We are proud to announce that Sqrrl was selected as the unanimous winner of this competition. The judges selected Sqrrl as having the best pitch and best market potential.


Below is the script of the winning pitch.

Hi – My name is Ely Kahn and I am cofounder and Vice President of Business Development for Sqrrl.  Sqrrl is a two and a half year old Big Data Security Analytics company that is based in Cambridge, MA.  We have raised 14.3 million dollars thus far and have 40 employees. Our customers include both large government agencies and Fortune 100 companies.

Myself and 6 computer scientists from the NSA started Sqrrl in the summer of 2012.  Those folks from NSA led the development of NSA’s big data architecture and specifically built a massively scalable and very secure database called Accumulo. At Sqrrl we have taken the Accumulo database, which is now open source software, and have built a full-stack analytic platform using it.

At the core of this platform is a capability we refer to as Linked Data Analysis. Linked Data Analysis is focused on taking very large, highly disparate datasets and fusing them together into a common data model so that they are more easily discoverable.  If you are familiar with semantic web technologies, we do something similar across petabytes of endpoint, network, perimeter data, threat intelligence, and non-traditional cybersecurity data sources like HR data. We combine these linked data models with advanced network visualization and machine learning techniques to provide analysts with a single pane of glass for cyber investigations.

In terms of our customers, cyber investigations is our primary use case, and you can break down investigations into ones that are focused on detection and ones focused on incident response. Detection-focused investigations are often times referred to as hunting trips, as they involved proactively looking for advanced threats on the network.  Response-focused investigations involve things like SIEM alert resolution and cyber forensics. Sqrrl unites these detection and response investigations into a single solution.

Our primary goal at Sqrrl is to positively impact a key metric often used in Security Operations Center referred to as Mean Time to Know.  By bringing together massive amounts of data into our platform, linking those datasets together, and providing analysts point and click anomaly detection functionality, we make those rare and valuable level 2 and 3 analysts more efficient and effective in their investigation efforts.  We shrink the amount of time to get to the root cause of a threat or incident. 

If you’d like to see a demo, I’d encourage you to swing by our booth. And with that, I’d be happy to answer any questions.

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